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Tips for Choosing the Best Fidgeting Toy

In recent years, fidgeting toys have increased in popularity. And while social scientists and researchers continue to study how these toys became popular and why they remain popular, the people who use these toys claim they feel less stressed and anxious throughout the day.

In addition, parents of autistic children use fidgeting toys to help keep their child relaxed during the day as well. Sensory toys for autistic children resemble other fidgeting toys. These autism toys can help children stay focused.

Mild fidgeting helps your mind and body remain focused when engaged in sedentary tasks like sitting through long meetings, writing, reading, and studying.

Sensory toys provide a way for people to move around when participating in these activities without distracting the people around them – this is especially important in the workplace.

With so many of these toys on the market, finding the best one for work or home can seem challenging. So how do you choose the best fidget toys cheap to suit your lifestyle?

What is a Fidgeting Toy?

Most stress relief toys look like other small toys you might find on a co-worker’s desk or in your child’s play area. Small, colorful, and textured, these toys provide sensory stimulation that includes tactile, visual, and auditory stimulation.

Some of these toys spin, light up, make noise, have rough or squishy edges, or smooth, satiny finishes. You can hold these toys in your hand or move them around on your desk. You can attach sensory strips to the back of your cell phone, laptop, or tablet and take them with you as you move through your day.

You can display fidgeting toys on your desk, or you can keep them in a drawer or your pocket. You can attach sensory strips next to your workstation. Many people place these toys in easily accessible areas so they can use them throughout the day.

Some people purchase multiple toys to use at work, at home, or when traveling to help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, or to remain focused on important tasks.

How Do Fidgeting Toys Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety?

In addition to helping people stayed focused, fidgeting toys can also help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety by creating a sense of relaxation. Small repetitive motions like rubbing your fingertips against a textured strip can bring a sense of peace and tranquility when faced with a stressful situation.

In instances where quiet meditation is not possible, you can use a fidgeting toy instead to help center your body and mind.

It’s important to recognize stress and anxiety triggers in your life so you can find healthy ways to remain calm when faced with situations that make you feel stressed out and anxious.

The next time you feel this way, take a moment to determine what triggered these feelings. Make a mental note of how long you feel stressed and anxious, when stress and anxiety went away, and what you did to help reduce these feelings.

Use this information to navigate through future situations that cause you to feel stress and anxiety. Since these feelings come and go depending on your lifestyle and the nature of your work, you should find healthy ways to manage them.

Placing stress relief toys on your desk or keeping one in your bag or suitcase when traveling may help you manage these feelings. Having a better understanding of the events, people, or environments that can trigger these feelings allows you to better prepare for them.

Are All Fidgeting Toys the Same?

No! With a variety of toys to choose from, you should consider your workspace to make sure you purchase a toy that will not distract those around you.

Do you have a private office, do you work in a cubical, do you work from home, do you travel often, etc.

If you like to keep your desk uncluttered, or if objects that resemble toys don’t evoke feelings of calm or relaxation, consider using a textured strip. Long enough to run your fingertips over, but small enough to remain discreet, this strip provides the same benefits as other toys.

Some people choose sentimental objects like small stones, pieces of jewelry, and other objects when they need to move an object around. When choosing a fidgeting toy, find an object that truly helps reduce stress and anxiety – whether it’s a funny-looking toy, a discreet strip, or a prized or sentimental possession.

If you take your stress relief toy with you during the day, keep an alternative object at your desk in case you misplace or lose your toy. You want to reduce stress and anxiety in your life, not create more anxiety by not having a stress relief toy readily available when you need one.

Some people mindlessly move around any object they find on their desks – paperclips, pen caps, and rubber bands. And even though these objects may help relieve stress and anxiety, these objects really only have one purpose – to hold papers together, keep ink from drying out, and to hold other objects together.

Instead of using office supplies to satisfy your need for fidgeting, why not invest in a few sensory toys that provide a more personal way to remain relaxed and focused on daily work tasks? That way, you can save the office supplies to use for office-related tasks.

Where do You Plan to Use Your Fidgeting Toy?

Do you plan to use a fidgeting toy at work? Do you need a fidgeting toy for your home office? Do you need a stress relief toy when you travel?

Choose a quiet sensory toy when working around other people. For your home office, you can choose a toy that lights up or makes noise. When traveling, look for toys that help you remain relaxed during a long flight or help reduce your anxiety when staying overnight in an unfamiliar city.

Where you plan to use your fidgeting toy can make purchasing one a little easier. If you can’t decide which toy to buy, consider buying multiple toys for various occasions.

Some people use specific toys for work, for home, and for when they travel, while other people rely on one toy for all sorts of situations.

Should You Invest in Multiple Sensory Toys?

The level of sensory stimulation that people need during the day varies from person to person. Also, some people need more stimulation in the morning, in the afternoon, or at nighttime. This means that you may need different types of fidgeting toys for visual, tactile, or auditory stimulation – and at different times during the day.

Some people only need one toy to get them through the day, while other people need variety as mixing it up also helps stimulate their senses. Invest in as many of these toys as you need. Inexpensive and easy to carry around, these toys require little maintenance so you can keep a variety at work or home for everyday use.

About Fidget Strips

Available in solid black and multi-colored, Fidget Strips provide a textured surface that you can run your fingertips across to help stay focused or to help manage stress and anxiety. With two surfaces to choose from, satiny and rough, you can select the texture that helps you stay calm and relaxed.

Easy to attach and remove, this strip attaches to any smooth surface including tabletops, or on the back of cell phones, laptops, or tablets.

The perfect sensory toys for autistic children, these fidget toys cheap help children stay focused and relaxed throughout the day. Fidget Strips help adults and children manage feelings of stress and anxiety. We offer a one-year warranty and a 30-day return guarantee for all our products so you can feel confident in purchasing your autism toys.

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