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Discreet Anti Stress Textured and Satin Soft Strips for Anxiety




A Variety of Designs

Your Secret Weapon For Instant Relief: Fidget away to your heart’s content with these inconspicuous strips without distracting others; Quickly lowers stress and anxiety to bring you to your “good place”, so you can focus and get on with your day; They are calm strips for all ages


Stick it Anywhere You Like: The durable 4”x1” nylon strip has a strong adhesive on the bottom so you can place it on your laptop, cellphone, desk, etc; It won’t stain or leave a mark, and is easily reusable, making them ideal fun fidget toys for home and work


A Stress-Free User Experience: Our strips are made to last and require little maintenance, just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth when needed; Designed to be a safe and healthy stress reliever, backed by a one-year warranty; Grab your own Fidget Strips today and get some much-needed relief