• Black (Stealth)

    Attractive Colors To Spice Things Up: In addition to solid black, you can also get them in multi-colored blue and green, yellow and red, Austism puzzle, and more.

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  • Red Yellow

    Find the combination that tickles your fancy and gives that extra visual stimulation to go along with its surroundings.

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  • Green Blue

    Our Green Blue Fidget Strip was one of our first strips and is still one of our top sellers.

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  • Miami Vibes

    Need a vacation? Try our Miami Vibes style to relax you and bring you to that warm breeze like the beaches of Miami.

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  • Autism Awareness

    Want to show your support for the Autism Awareness Foundation? Our Puzzle strip is the perfect way. Display it with pride knowing that we give 10% of all proceeds to the Autism Awareness Foundation.

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  • Variety Pack of 8 Strips

    Not sure which style you like best? Try our Variety Pack. This pack comes with 8 strips. Two Black, Two Miami Vibes, Two Red/Yellow and two Autism Awareness strips.

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