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Why do I Fidget?

Though perfectly normal, fidgeting can cause other people to become distracted, frustrated, angry, or annoyed by your constant movements. From moving a paper clip around on the table during a meeting, to tapping your foot when talking with a co-worker, your fidgeting may lead others… Read More »Why do I Fidget?

PTSD and Fidgeting

Over time, anxiety can cause various health issues ranging from headaches and muscle soreness to cardiovascular issues, central nervous system issues, and digestive issues. Anxiety can also cause depression, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), loneliness, and social isolation. Feelings of anxiety affect children, teens, and adults.… Read More »PTSD and Fidgeting

Why Do My Kids Fidget?

Like many adults, some kids fidget when they’re bored, distracted, or when they’ve been sitting for too long. Fidgeting helps keep the brain active but can become a distraction to other people when left untamed. Fidgeting can take on many forms. From drumming their fingers… Read More »Why Do My Kids Fidget?