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Fidgeting is not a bad thing

These small, repetitive movements typically indicate normal brain and body functioning; and signal heightened creativity and focus.Unfortunately, other people may view your fidgeting habit as a sign of frustration, stress, anxiety, anger, or even boredom.

Examples of fidgeting include constantly moving your hands and feet, tapping your fingers on the table, repetitive stretching, biting on pen caps and bending paper clips, or ripping up paper into tiny pieces.

If this sounds like you, then read on!

Many people fidget at their home or office workstations; when participating in long meetings (in-person or virtual), traveling, or sitting for long periods with little else to do.

This is where Fidget Strips sensory toys come in – finally, a way for you to channel your extra energy without making people feel uncomfortable or destroying valuable office supplies! (in all honesty, what did that innocent pen cap, pencil eraser, or copy paper ever do to you, anyway?)

Our sensory strips benefit children as well! Perfect for children with stress and anxiety issues or those with autism, these toys help encourage sensory stimulation while keeping them from fidgeting with their hands, feet, and other objects.

Our strips are different from other fidget toys on the market because our strips provide a discreet way for you to fidget without anyone else noticing. So, if you’re looking for a quick way to reduce stress, relax, or you’re just looking for a super easy activity that allows your mind to wander, buy one (or more) of our strips today!

So, what are Fidget Strips?

These strips, made of durable material with a strong adhesive on the back, feature a rough or satiny texture that can help reduce stress and anxiety. Whenever you feel fidgety, you can gently touch, scratch, or rub one of our strips with your fingertips to instantly feel better.

Suitable for both work and home, our strips allow you to manage and control fidgeting. Measuring 1 inch wide by 4 inches long, our strips fit easily next to your home or office workstation. Place these non-intrusive strips on the back of your cell phone, tablet, or laptop to use them wherever you go.

For best results, choose a flat, smooth surface that allows you to run your fingertips up and down the entire strip. A smooth surface also ensures that the strips won’t move during use.

You can remove and reuse these strips at your convenience! All you have to do is gently pull up one end of the strip and stick it someplace else!

Easy to clean and care for, our sensory toys can last for years with very little maintenance. To keep your strips clean, all you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth. To keep your strips in good condition, please avoid placing strips near sinks and bathtubs as exposure to water may cause the adhesive to deteriorate over time.

If your strip wears down or loses its texture, we provide a one-year warranty on all products so you can feel confident in your purchase!

Made for Everyone

Designed for both adults and children, these strips provide an outlet for all that extra energy while helping to keep people calm and relaxed. Whether you’re a stressed-out professional, busy mom or dad on-the-go, or you have an anxious child, our sensory strips can help make your day a little better.

Many of our customers have autistic children. Time and time again, we hear from these parents that our strips have helped reduce fidgeting while providing a calming effect. Combine our strips with other sensory toys for autistic children to create a stimulating environment for your child that’s also comfortable and safe.

We proudly offer two types of sensory strips, rough and satin-textured. The rough-textured strip has a nubby, rubbery surface that many people touch, scratch, or rub to help reduce stress and anxiety. The satin-textured strip produces feelings of relaxation – much like a soft, snuggly blanket.

Our strips also come in various colors – solid black, blue and green, and yellow and pink. Not only do our strips provide tactile stimulation, but these strips also provide visual stimulation.

Choose the color and texture that are right for you or your child! Our color combinations change frequently. We encourage you to visit this site often to view our new styles and color combinations. With various color and texture options available, you can purchase solid black strips for your office and fun, multi-colored sensory strips for home use.

So Many Health and Wellness Benefits

Fidget Strips have many, many health and wellness benefits. Let’s say that you want to limit fidgeting to a single movement – our strips can help with that!

Whenever you’re feeling fidgety, you can gently touch, scratch, or rub your fingertips against one of our rough or satin-textured strips. If you’re fidgety in the morning when you first arrive at work, during the day after long periods of sitting, or at night before bedtime, you can use your sensory strips to relax.

Perfect for meditating, these strips allow your mind to wander while your body releases all the stresses of the day. Use these strips to unwind, contemplate life, imagine the future, or zone out for a while. Our strips provide a safe, healthy way for you to relax that doesn’t require a prescription or endless hours staring at the television or computer.

People experience stress and anxiety in different ways at different times during the day. With our non-intrusive, compact strips, you can help relieve stress and anxiety at any time.

So what’s so special about our sensory toys? It’s the texture that helps create feelings of relaxation and calm. Whether you feel stressed or anxious or you’re just bored, all you have to do is touch one of our strips to reduce negative feelings while promoting healthier ones.

Creating healthier fidgeting habits using our strips can also help you focus on work, home, and childcare tasks. Allowing your brain to daydream for a few minutes each day can help clear your mind, reduce stress, and allow your body to recharge so you can get things done.

Our strips offer many of the same health benefits to children! Our strips provide a fun, safe way for your child to cope with stress and anxiety.

What are You Waiting for?

Available in a variety of colors including solid black, our sensory strips help provide instant relief and comfort to those who want to control or minimize fidgeting.

Stop chewing on pencil erasers and pen caps. Stop mindlessly drumming your fingers on your desk, and stop moving your legs and feet around so much. Channel this energy into something simple and easy – our calm strips help you create a relaxed atmosphere where you can allow your mind to wander so you can think more clearly throughout the day!

With two textures to choose from, you can place a rough-textured strip at your workstation to get through those long, tedious business meetings. You can also apply a satin-textured strip on your cell phone, laptop, or tablet to help you remain calm when traveling.

If you have a child who suffers from anxiety and stress, or you have an autistic child, give them one of these strips to provide comfort. Our sensory toys help reduce the urge to fidget with hands, feet, and other objects.

We offer a one-year warranty and a 30-day return policy on all products. We know you’ll be happy with our sensory strips!

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