Reasons Why Fidgeting Is Good For Your Health

Reasons Why Fidgeting Is Good For Your Health

     Just about everywhere you go, it seems as though someone is playing with one of those new fidget spinners. Well, those brightly coloured devices aren’t just another toy or passing trend. In fact, studies have shown that there are some benefits to fidgeting and using those fidget devices can actually reduce stress and anxiety in adults and children.

     In the past, we would often fidget with our pens and pencils, stress balls, coins, or whatever we had laying around on our desk. We would often find ourselves bouncing our legs or tapping our feet or fingers. Whatever the method we used for relief, it seemed to work and it worked so well that psychologists and researchers decided to take the idea one step further. They created specialised devices which we could use to fidget with and find the relaxation we needed.

     Today, we have fidget cubes, fidget spinners, and, more recently, fidget strips with the latter showing the most effectiveness for children and adults alike. Whatever fidget device you use, the benefits of using them are undeniable.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the benefits of fidgeting and see why it is so good for our health:

Improved Blood Flow- the act of fidgeting, whether you are tapping your feet or using a fidget strip, can help to strengthen your heart by increasing your blood flow even while sitting at your desk all day.

Burn Calories- even though it might not seem like you are moving very much when fidgeting, you are burning calories and that could lead to weight loss and an increase in your metabolism.

Increased Attention- if you struggle with paying attention, the act of fidgeting can help increase your alertness, help you stay tuned in, and help you perform better on cognitive tasks. This is because fidgeting occupies parts of your brain that could otherwise be distracted by random thoughts.

Relieve Anxiety- many people who suffer from anxiety often have obsessive compulsive disorder as well. That can often lead to them performing rituals such as turning light switches on and off repeatedly or touching objects as they pass by them. Fidgeting can take the place of those ritual for many people as it can offer them the comforting and grounding effect they need for relief.

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